First Lever Press Title Launches on Fulcrum

We’re excited to announce that Lever Press’ inaugural title, Promissory Notes: On the Literary Conditions of Debt by Robin Truth Goodman, is now live on Fulcrum!

Cover image of Robin Truth Goodman's Promissory Notes

Lever Press is a fully open access press founded on commitments to publish works that are born digital, peer-reviewed, open access, and aligned with the mission and ethos of liberal arts colleges. Lever Press is committed to “Platinum OA,” in which all the costs of acquiring, editing, developing, and producing the work are borne collectively by their supporting institutions—not by individual authors or their sponsoring departments or institutions. You can read more about the press at their website.

Promissory Notes: On the Literary Conditions of Debt by Robin Truth Goodman is Lever Press’ first title. The text addresses how neoliberal finance has depended upon a historical linking of geopolitical inequality and financial representation that positions the so-called “Third World” as negative value, or debt. Looking to situations like the Puerto Rican debt crisis, Goodman demonstrates how financial discourse is articulated through social inequalities and how literature can both expose and contest the imposition of a morality of debt as a mode of anti-democratic control.

With this launch come two new optional features on Fulcrum, including:

  • Creative Commons license identification (displayed underneath the author byline)
  • Peer Review status (displayed and described underneath the cover, with more detailed information available on the Lever Press peer review page)

Screenshot of Promissory Notes on Fulcrum, showing the book summary page with Creative Commons license and Peer Review status icons.

You can freely read Promissory Notes on Fulcrum now. We are excited to publish other forthcoming titles for Lever Press in the coming months. If you are interested in talking more about a potential partnership with Fulcrum, please email