What's New? Publisher page developments, a forthcoming collaborative title and publisher, and collection updates

Art History Publication Initiative Partnership

In March, we’ll be launching a partnership with the Art History Publication Initiative (AHPI), a Mellon-funded project supported by the University of Washington Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, Duke University Press, and Penn State University Press. The collection will include 54 monographs with high-resolution images and videos and a PDF catalog, all hosted on Fulcrum. Learn more about the AHPI at their website.

Visualizing Impact and Engagement

A screenshot of hypothesis implemented with Lever Press

We’ve recently added a Readership Map and Google Analytics Data Studio Report to the UMP EBC and the ACLS HEB collections. The live readership map reflects every view or download of book or media component that occurred the previous day. The pins also include the title and user location. The Google Analytics tab includes a Data Studio report that displays the sources driving engagement, user location, and books with the most page views.

New Web Pages for Lever Press

We recently developed and launched publisher “aboutware,” or web pages for Fulcrum publishers, that provide additional information about the publisher and its books. The first Fulcrum publisher to utilize this new feature is Lever Press. We will be making aboutware available to other hosted collections and publishers soon. Check out the new Lever Press website at https://www.leverpress.org.

A screenshot of hypothesis implemented with Lever Press

Collaboration with UNC Press

Forthcoming this March is an open access ebook by Nicole Myers Turner titled Soul Liberty: The Evolution of Black Religious Politics in Postemancipation Virginia. We are excited to collaborate with UNC Press on this title, which will launch with new GIS mapping features. Read more on the UNC Press website.

New Home for ACLS HEB

Michigan Publishing is the new organizational home for the ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection. In 2019, ACLS transferred the ownership of the collection to Michigan Publishing, its long-time partner, taking effect in 2020. Since 2005, Michigan Publishing has hosted and distributed the collection, most recently successfully migrating it to Fulcrum. Michigan Publishing has committed to maintaining the practices and the mission of ACLS HEB and will continue to partner with ACLS, which will continue to oversee the selection of titles.

The University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC)

We’re in full swing for the second year of the UMP EBC! The Spring 2020 frontlist is starting to be made available on Fulcrum. You can check out sample titles at https://fulcrum.org/michigan. For more information about the UMP EBC, the current title list, and how to purchase the collection, please visit https://www.press.umich.edu/librarians. With questions about the collection, please email Lanell White, Director of Sales, Marketing and Outreach at lejames@umich.edu.

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