What's New? A new partnership, website updates, forthcoming titles, new UMP EBC features, and a virtual conference

67Bricks Partnership

Michigan Publishing has partnered with 67Bricks, a UK-based software development consultancy firm, to improve search functionality across ebook collections on the Fulcrum platform. 67 Bricks’ approach will focus on defining the right technical approach to meet user needs and building a solution to solve the current search problems.

Website Updates

Amherst College Press launched their new website, which now includes information on their publishing process, impact, events, and more. Explore the Press’s website here.

We’ve also recently updated our Fulcrum website, which includes new case studies, our new video, and more information about our partnership options.

New and Forthcoming Titles

Amherst College Press recently published A Sense of Brutality: Philosophy after Narco-Culture by Carlos Alberto Sánchez, the author’s first book with the press. Sánchez uses Mexican narco-culture as a point of departure for thinking about the nature and limits of violence, culture, and personhood, arguing that violent cultural modalities, call into question our understanding of “violence” as a concept.

Later this month, Lever Press will be releasing their first edited annual series: Open Access Musicology. The first volume, edited by Louis Epstein and Daniel Barolsky, is a free collection of essays by musicologists describing their paths to the field.

Publishing in November, Amherst College Press’s next title is A Journey to Inner Africa by Egor Petrovich Kovalevsky, translated from the original Russian by Anna Aslanyan.

Updates on the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC)

UMP has had a busy few months. Free-to-read access to the collection ended on August 31, 2020, and showed increased usage across the globe. The Press continues to publish the remaining 2020 titles in UMP EBC and is gearing up to launch the 2021 collection. UMP is also excited to share two initiatives in UMP EBC that will allow for continued open access for special subject themes:

Dialogues in Democracy

Dialogues in Democracy is an interdisciplinary collection of 25 free-to-read books contextualized by multimedia resources including podcasts and videos. Ideal for students and the engaged voter alike, these resources illustrate the core tensions in American political culture—tensions that erupt every four years during the presidential election and are particularly apparent during these unusual times. The books are free to read through December 31, 2020. Learn more here.

Michigan Asian Studies Open Access Books Collection

The Michigan Asian Studies Open Access Books Collection is a collection of 100 significant books about Asia made freely and publicly available online with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Learn more here.

Updates on ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection (ACLS HEB)

The Michigan Publishing team is working hard to finalize new titles for the collection. A snapshot of 2021 titles, new MARC records, and an updated removed titles list is available on the website. Download updated information from the website here.

Where to Find Us

We’re excited to participate in the Charleston Library Conference next week, November 2-6. Stop by our virtual booth and feel free to ask us any questions you have about our publishing partners, collections, and more! Be sure to check our Twitter (@fulcrumpub) for updates about where else we’ll be in the coming months.