Female costume design for act 2 of Tales of Hoffmann (Eisenstein)

From The Director's Prism: E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde by Dassia N. Posner

  • In this costume design for act 2 of Tales of Hoffmann, a female guest wears a purple and orange striped gown, the skirt of which curves out at the waist and then in again at the base, making her look like a vanka-vstanka (a doll with a rounded base that always returns to its upright position) or an enormous jug. The impression of the latter is strengthened by her vivid green headdress and hair, which together resemble a spout.

    See book: p. 148; figure 37

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  • Performing Arts
  • September 17, 1921
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  • Sergei Eisenstein, costume design for act 2 of Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann (September 17, 1921). Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, f. 1923, op. 1, ed. khr. 735: 10.


  • Tales of Hoffmann
    Act 2