Xue-Dream of Zhaojun

From Uncrossing the Borders: Performing Chinese in Gendered (Trans)Nationalism by Daphne P. Lei

  • Theater and Performance
  • Asian Studies:China
  • Gender Studies:Women's Studies
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  • Fig. 4. Wang Zhaojun dreams of recrossing the border, in The Dream of Zhaojun (Zhaojun meng 昭君夢) by Xue Dan 薛旦. Note that both the sleeping Zhaojun (below) and the fleeing Zhaojun in dream (above) wear pheasant feathers, which indicate her new ethnic identity. From a facsimile (Wujin: Songfenshi, 1941) of Newly Edited Zaju (Zaju xinbian 雜劇新編, edited by Zou Shijin, ca. 1661).