Music on the Move: Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Voyages between 1580 and 1860

  • Fig. 3.1. Music on the Move: Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Voyages. Map by Eric Fosler-Lussier. This map depicts the transportation of enslaved people from Africa as listed in The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database in the decades between 1580 and 1860, grouped by regions where they arrived. White boxes and dashed lines indicate departures; black boxes and solid lines indicate arrivals. Voyages for which the major place of sale could not be imputed were removed from this visualization: the number of enslaved people who did not arrive at their destination (many died, but some possibly escaped) is represented by the difference in the number of persons leaving Africa and those arriving at destination ports. The excellent database at describes the research behind this map and more detailed visualizations. (See
From Music on the Move by Danielle Fosler-Lussier

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