• Playbill for the December 8, 1926 general (invited dress) rehearsal of Inspector General, based on the play by Nikolai Gogol, adapted by Vsevolod Meyerhold and Mikhail Korenev, directed by Vsevolod Meyerhold, Meyerhold Theatre (GosTIM), Moscow (premiere: December 9, 1926). Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana (1902–1968) Collection, THE B MS Thr 402, Box 34, Folder 6. Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University.


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    Wednesday, December 8
    the State Meyerhold Theatre
    Invited Dress Rehearsal of

    8 pm start time

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    A comedy by N.V. Gogol
    (15 episodes and a dumb show)
    Theatrical text (a composition of variants) adapted by Vs. Meyerhold and M. M. Korenev.

    Production Author:
    Vsevolod Meyerhold (design of material elements, mise-en-scène, character biographies, invention of new dramatic personae, speech, accentuations, rhythm, selection of musical pieces, lighting, dumb show).

    Director–laboratory assistants: M. M. Korenev, P. V. Tsetnerovich, Kh. A. Lokshina.

    Artist – V. P. Kiselev (costumes, make-up, objects, lighting)

    Mechanical installation supervised by Director of the construction department K. A. Soste.


    1. Old-fashioned “quadrille-medley” (episodes 5, 11)
    2. Jewish wedding ensemble pieces: a) “A Celebratory Greeting to the Esteemed Hosts” (fantasia); b) “Quadrille-medley” (polka, ballads, waltz, gavotte, petit pieds, galop), composed by M. F. Gnesin (episodes 13, 14, 15)
    3. Ballads composed by Varlamov, Glinka, Gurilev, Dargomyzhsky (episodes 3, 7, 11, 14)

    Structures and furniture made at the “Inpedtekh” factory (f[ormer] MONO [Moscow Department of People’s Education]). Sculptures realized by V. M. Petrov. Costumes: the theater’s own workshop, under the supervision of E. S. Kazakova and in the Mosposredrabis theater costume shop, Moscow, under the supervision of R. N. Belotserkovskaia. Props: 1) manufactured in the theater’s own workshop; 2) antiquarian. Wigs and hairstyles made in the theater’s own workshop under the supervision of N. I. Ivanov, V. N. Shishmanov and at the Polenov House workshop. Shoes by A. Romanov and Skuriatnikov.

    Stage hands: Andreev, Bekker, Kozlov, Meyerhold, N. Mukhin, N. Petrov, A. Spiridonov, Khodulev, N. Yakovlev.

    On props: Merkulov, Skripchenko.

    On lights: Pokorny, Gorbolikov, Karlikovsky, Kosarev, Tsaplin.

    Orchestra: Averbach, Antonov, Arievich, Dub, Zaitsev, Kaprovich, Kovalsky, Kundysh, Mariasin, Milovanov, Pekarsky, Rasner, Sladky, Khozanovsky, Khoroshansky, Kholychev, Tseder, Cherny, Shved.

    Pianist: L. Arnshtam.

    Conductor: A.S. Yanitsky.

    Assistants to the directors: D. Kozhanov, E. Loginova.

    [The playbill then lists all Inspector General actors in order of first appearance in each episode. Below is a list of the episodes performed at the final dress rehearsal, but with the long lists of actors’ names omitted.]

    1. Chmykhov’s Letter
    2. An Unexpected Affair
    3. The Unicorn
    4. After Penza
    5. Full of Most Tender Love
    6. The Procession
    7. Behind a Bottle of Tolstobriushka
    8. An Elephant Knocked off its Feet
    9. Bribes
    10. Kiss Me
    11. Master of Finances
    12. The Blessing
    13. Dreams of Saint Petersburg
    14. Celebration as Celebration
    15. Universal Embarrassment

         Dumb Show

    [Episode titles based on Nick Worrall’s translation.]

General rehearsal playbill for Inspector General

From The Director's Prism: E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde by Dassia N. Posner

  • This playbill from the final dress rehearsal lists the individuals who contributed to the production, including the actors in each episode.

    See book: p. 80

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  • Playbill: December 8, 1926
  • Premiere: December 9, 1926
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