Set model for Princess Brambilla

From The Director's Prism: E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde by Dassia N. Posner

  • This set model, brimming with all the colors of the sunset painted onto its fragmented angles and whimsical curves, gives a keen sense of the three-dimensional, fantastical world in which Tairov’s actors played.

    For a photograph of the original (no longer extant) set model (figure 26 in the book), see Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, f. 2328, op. 1, ed. khr. 377: 3. Durable URL to object folder:

    See book: p. 117; figure 26

Creator Role
  • Performing Arts
  • Premiere: May 4, 1920
  • authorized reproduction created 1927
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  • Set model (authorized reproduction, 1927) for Princess Brambilla: A Kamerny Theatre Capriccio, after Hoffmann, based on the novella by E. T. A. Hoffmann, directed by Alexander Tairov, designed by Georgy Yakulov, Moscow Kamerny Theatre (premiere: May 4, 1920). 89 × 67.5 × 69.5 cm. TWS BM86. Copyright © Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung, University of Cologne, Germany.