Southeast network iron ore export in Brazil

From Iron Will: Global Extractivism and Mining Resistance in Brazil and India by Markus Kröger

  • Map 3 is a black and white map which shows a portion of South Eastern Brazil. The map shows the mining sites and the pipelines and railroads that run between the mining areas and the ports. Creators: Rodrigo Salles Pereira dos Santos; Bruno Milanez (role: writers of the article where an image with part of the information in the map for this book was presented); IBGE (source for the data in the original image in Santos and Milanez 2015 article); Menon Júnior Waltencir (illustration of the original image in Santos and Milanez 2015).
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  • Political Science:International Relations
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  • Map 3. Iron ore export logistics from Minas Gerais state to the ports in southeastern Brazil.