Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director, ある映画監督の生涯 溝口健二の記録,Aru eiga-kantoku no shōgai Image 4

From Brushed in Light: Calligraphy in East Asian Cinema by Markus Nornes

  • In the tradition of Buddhist disciples capturing the moment of death of their master through calligraphy on the page, the great director Mizoguchi Kenji wrote this on his death bed for his staff: "The chill autumn air has already arrived. I want the pleasure of working with all of you at the studio." On the lower left above the seal it says, "Mizoguchi Kenji's last writing (zeppitsu); recorded by Yoda Yoshikata." The seal has the crushed character for 義, the third character in Yoda's name. The writing is nearly illegible, so white typographic characters are superimposed over the image.
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