Source: Abbott, The Nations at War, 1915, 20.

From Pursuit of an "unparalleled opportunity": American YMCA and prisoner of war diplomacy among the Central Power nations during World War I, 1914-1923 by Kenneth Steuer

  • American: 1900-present
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  • German troops supervise Belgian prisoners in the construction of a new line of trenches outside of Brussels in 1914. Note that the trenches are not dug in a straight line to prevent enemy troops, who might seize a part of the trench system, from firing the length of the defensive line. Forcing POW's to construct fortifications was a violation of the Hague Conventions. This photograph may have been retouched—note the prisoner in the foreground. He appears as a shadow of a sentry in other copies of this photograph. Source: Abbott, The Nations at War, 1915, 20.