From Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good by William Cheng

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  • Figure 1.1. Example of discussions from Daily Strength forum on chronic pain A discussion thread, showing three posts, from the website Daily Strength. Names/aliases of participants have been redacted by the author. The first post reads: “HELLO SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE SCREAMING LOUD, BUT CANNOT THE NEIGHBOURS WOULD COMPLAIN, DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE SCREAMING BECAUSE OF THE CHRONIC PAIN? SOME DAYS ARE REALLY HARD, WISH I COULD GO AND LIVE IN A PLACE WHERE I CAN JUST SCREAM.” Below this message, there is an option for visitors to give this participant a virtual “Hug” via a mouse click. The second post (Reply number 1) reads: “[Name of above participant] what is causing your pain? Sometimes it helps to take some breaths. Does heat or ice work? Do you have anything for pain management? Wish you better and less pain.” The third post (Reply number 2) reads: “yep . . . this morning I woke up almost screaming before I caught myself. I must have slept with my foot cocked wrong, the nerve pain had my whole foot on fire . . . .i’m not a screamer so I bit the pillow and banged it against the footboard until it settled . . . .I guess I fell back to sleep at some point. I think screaming can be helpful, maybe bury you [sic] face in the pillow and let it go . . . .it can’t hurt . . .”