Two 1966 Compilations on the “Li Huiniang problem” and Hai Rui, Xie Yaohuan, and Li Huiniang

From Resisting Spirits: Drama Reform and Cultural Transformation in the People's Republic of China by Maggie Greene

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  • Fig. 7. On the left, a February 1966 compilation on the “Li Huiniang problem”: Zhongguo yuyan wenxuexi ziliaoshi, ed., Guanyu Li Huiniang wenti ziliao xuanbian (A selection of materials relating to the Li Huiniang problem), Changchun: Jilin Normal University, 1966; on the right, a contemporaneous volume dealing with Hai Rui, Xie Yaohuan, and Li Huiniang (Hanyuyan wenxue jiaoyanshi, ed., Hai Rui Baguan, Xie Yaohuan, Li Huiniang ziliao xuanji ), Selected materials of Hai Rui Dismissed from Office, Xie Yaohuan, Li Huiniang, (N.p.: Hubei sheng hanshou xueyuan, 1966). In author’s personal collection.