You-Mourning the Pipa

From Uncrossing the Borders: Performing Chinese in Gendered (Trans)Nationalism by Daphne P. Lei

  • Theater and Performance
  • Asian Studies:China
  • Gender Studies:Women's Studies
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  • Fig. 7. Cai Yan visits the tomb of Zhaojun and the spirit of Wang Zhaojun appears. Mourning the Pipa 弔琵琶 by You Tong 尤侗. Cai Yan is kneeling in front of the Green Mound with offering; the zither is carried by her maid. From a facsimile (Wujin: Songfenshi, 1941) of Newly Edited Zaju (Zaju xinbian 雜劇新編, edited by Zou Shijin, ca. 1661).