From Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good by William Cheng

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  • Figure 4.1. Senate Committee on Intelligence report, 53 (my highlights) Figures 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 show pages (with my highlights) from the Senate Committee on Intelligence report on the CIA torture practices under the George W. Bush administration. The document is moderately redacted (black bars over sensitive text). My highlighted text for Figure 4.1 reads: “CIA Headquarters authorized the proposed interrogation plan for al-Najjar, to include the use of loud music (at less than the level that would cause physical harm such as permanent hearing loss), worse food (as long as it was nutritionally adequate for sustenance), sleep deprivation, and hooding.” . . . “More than a month later, on September 21, 2002, CIA interrogators described al-Najjar as ‘clearly a broken man’ and ‘on the verge of complete breakdown’ as result of the isolation.” . . . “Isolation in total darkness; lowering the quality of [al-Najjar’s] food; keeping him at an uncomfortable temperature (cold); [playing music] 24 hours a day; and keeping him shackled and hooded.”