Illustrations for “Experiments with Staging the Night Scene”

From The Director's Prism: E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde by Dassia N. Posner

  • This image shows two drawings, one of a stage with multiple curtained entrances and side balconies (left), the other diagramming how actors were to move across the forestage in relation to one another (right). They are annotated with notes in Meyerhold’s hand that indicate that both illustrations were to appear together on the page following Soloviev’s article.

    These illustrations illuminate Meyerhold and Soloviev’s framing of space and the importance of mise-en-scène on the forestage to their commedia dell’arte experiments.

    See book: p. 66; figure 15

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  • Performing Arts
  • May 16, 1915
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  • Proof sheet illustrations by Alexander Rykov for Vladimir Soloviev’s article “Experiments with Staging the Night Scene” (with handwritten notes by Meyerhold) for the journal Love for Three Oranges: The Journal of Doctor Dapertutto (Liubov’ k trem apel’sinam: Zhurnal Doktora Dapertutto) (May 16, 1915). ГИК 17118/2, f. 44, ed. khr. 3. Copyright © Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music.


  • Appendix to Vladimir Soloviev’s production. Fig. 1.

    In the page layout these figures should be placed after Vl. Soloviev’s article “Experiments with Staging the Night Scene” as follows:
    The first page after the article.
    Love for Three Oranges: The Journal of Doctor Dapertutto.
    Page layout by Vs. Meyerhold, May 16, 1915.
    Both on a single page.