• Fig. 5. The Little Prince: “Mother, you are dressed like this. Where are you going?” Moments before her reversed border crossing in Wenji Entering the Pass (Wenji rusai 文姬入塞) by Chen Yujiao 陳與郊. From a facsimile (Wujin: Songfenshi, 1918) of Zaju of the High Ming Period (Shengming zaju 盛明雜劇, edited by Shen Tai, 1629). Courtesy of Stanford Auxiliary Library.

Chen Yujiao-Wenji Entering the Pass

From Uncrossing the Borders: Performing Chinese in Gendered (Trans)Nationalism by Daphne P. Lei

  • Theater and Performance
  • Asian Studies:China
  • Gender Studies:Women's Studies
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