From Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good by William Cheng

  • Disability Studies
  • Music
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  • Figure 2.1. Cards, sold on Etsy, intended for academics (notably graduate students). The card on the left reads, “I’m sorry you cried in front of your advisor,” while the one on the right reads, “Guh—Ah, so . . . I don’t know how to—Uh. Feelings, right?” The card on the left shows a brown squirrel lying in distress on its side, holding its head with its little hands; the caption above it reads: “I’m sorry you cried in front of your advisor.” The card on the right shows a yellow duck holding a green umbrella; its caption reads: “Guh—Ah, so . . . I don’t know how to–Uh. Feelings, right?”