Mihály Várady, “Grief, Grief”

From Music on the Move by Danielle Fosler-Lussier

  • Grief, grief, If I could catch you, I would bind you into my apron, I would push you into the [river] Danube. / Into the Danube, into the [river] Tisza,‘cause I’m alone; I have neither father nor mother; I will die. / Oh, how God has damned me, And there’s nothing I can do, I have to suffer, Mother, I must die! / This whore has killed me, Let misery eat her! She’s eaten my head, Let poverty destroy her! / I don’t sleep for nights on end, I just keep thinking; I always think about What I could do? / I grew up in poverty,Motherless and fatherless, And I grew up Among the many good boys. / My young life, mother, I live in sorrow, But I have to know That I grew up as an orphan.
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