Source: Der Weltkrieg, 2 (1915): 340.

From Pursuit of an "unparalleled opportunity": American YMCA and prisoner of war diplomacy among the Central Power nations during World War I, 1914-1923 by Kenneth Steuer

  • American: 1900-present
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  • The same four Russian prisoners after they went through the disinfection process in a German prison camp. At the disinfection station, German doctors inspected the men for any illnesses and would have assigned those suspected of carrying disease to a quarantine ward. Healthy men then surrendered their clothing and took showers or chemical baths to clean their bodies. The next step in the process was a visit to a barber who shaved off their hair and beards to prevent the introduction of lice into the camp. Before departing the disinfection station, the POW's received their disinfected uniforms or new clothing if their uniforms were unsalvageable. Source: Der Weltkrieg, 2 (1915): 340.