From Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good by William Cheng

  • Disability Studies
  • Music
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  • Figure 4.3. Senate Committee on Intelligence report, 428–29 (my highlights) My highlights read: “The CIA asserted to the OLC that loud music and white noise, constant light, and 24-hour shackling were all for security purposes, that shaving was for security and hygiene purposes and was conducted only upon intake and not as a ‘punitive step,’ that detainees were not exposed to an ‘extended period’ of white noise, and that CIA detainees had access to a wide array of amenities. This information is incongruent with CIA records.” . . . “The CIA had used music at decibels exceeding the representations to the OLC. The CIA had also used specific music to signal to a detainee that another interrogation was about to begin. Numerous CIA detainees were subjected to the extended use of white noise.”