Four Popular Science Pamphlets, mid-1950s

From Resisting Spirits: Drama Reform and Cultural Transformation in the People's Republic of China by Maggie Greene

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  • Fig. 2. Four popular science pamphlets from the mid-1950s debunking superstition. Clockwise from upper left: Daodi youmeiyou guishen (Are there supernatural beings or not), Beijing: Jiefangjun bao chubanshe, 1959; Jilin sheng kexuezhishu puji, ed., Zhen you shengui ma? (Are there really gods and ghosts?), Changchun: Jilin renmin chubanshe, 1956; Chen Cisheng, You meiyou gui? (Are there ghosts or not?), Nanjing: Jiangsu renmin chubanshe, 1956; Guangdong sheng kexuezhishu puji xiehui, ed., Tan “shen” jiang “gui” (Talking of “spirits” and speaking of “ghosts”), Guangdong: Guandong renmin chubanshe, 1958.