• Figure 19.5. Percentage of 241 identified faunal specimens from 2014 PASH excavations at the Zagorë site (S-015). Two turtle, five snake, seven amphibian, 33 rodent (micromammal), and 204 unidentified vertebrate fragments are not included. Note the greater variety of animals than in the Kodër Boks sample (Figure 19.4). However, >90% of the sheep or goat remains in samples from both sites were tooth fragments.

Chart of faunal specimens from 2014 PASH excavations at Zagorë

From Archaeological Investigations in a Northern Albanian Province: Results of the Projekti Arkeologjik i Shkodrës (PASH): Volume Two: Artifacts and Artifact Analysis by Michael L. Galaty and Lorenc Bejko, Editors

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