Two Central High School Canoeists Conquer Rapids Indians Failed to Shoot

From Canoes: A Natural History in North America by Mark Neuzil and Norman Sims

  • This Minneapolis Star article published on October 11, 1930, chronicles the canoe journey of Minneapolis High School Students Arnold (Eric) Sevareid and Walter Port. Sevareid and Port wrote the article, summarizing, “This is the first account of the adventures of Arnold E. Sevareid and Walter Port, Central high school boys, since they completed the 2,250 mile trip by canoe from Minneapolis to Hudson’s bay—an epochal event.” The image accompanying the article depicts Sevareid, later a nationally known television journalist, and Port just before the start of their journey. Another image shows a flock of ducks in the Canadian wilds.
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  • Arnold Sevaried and Walter Port, from an article in the Minneapolis Star published October 11, 1930.