Socialization of Privacy Knowledge Acquisition

From The Future of Digital Surveillance: Why Digital Monitoring Will Never Lose Its Appeal in a World of Algorithm-Driven AI by Yong Jin Park

  • Psychology
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  • Political Science:Political Economy
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  • Figure 3.4. Acquisition of Privacy Knowledge according to Sociodemographic variables. Note: For KN sample, entries are odd ratios. The odds larger than 1 indicate the likelihood of the correct responses. Covariates (yearly experience; number of online accesses; daily use) are not shown in logistic regression. Policy understanding is an item asking about appropriation. Surveillance awareness is tone asking about transfer. Solid lines are for surveillance awareness; dotted ones are for policy understandings. For mobile sample, covariates (mobile familiarity; mobile access) are not shown in multivariate regression. Entries are standard coefficients. * p < .05; ** p < .01; ns = nonsignificant.