Bishop's Drawing of Cordie's Cabin

From Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary Archive by Bethany Hicok

  • Two facing journal pages. On the left page (verso) is a list people's names and the names of old weaving patterns. On the right page (recto) are the details of Cordie Hyce's sign, which warns passersby against trespassing on her property. In the middle of the right page is a drawing of Cordie's small cabin with mountains on either side. Smoke appears to be coming out of the chimney.
  • Poetry
  • Literary Criticism
  • 1940-09-01
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  • Bishop nestles a sketch of Cordie's cabin amidst a list of names and phrases and the details of a posted sign in the September 1, 1940, entry in her 1938-1942 travel notebook. (VC 77.3; Courtesy of Vassar College)