Curtain design for the opera Love for Three Oranges

From The Director's Prism: E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde by Dassia N. Posner

  • Four competing choruses argue on the forestage in front of a vivid pink curtain that is framed by a bright green proscenium arch with towers on both sides. These towers, decorated in Harlequin-style motley, contain balconies from which fools peer down onto the action below.

    See book: p. 63, 64; figure 14

Creator Role
  • Performing Arts
  • Premiere: December 30, 1921
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  • Boris Israelevich Anisfeld, Russian (1879–1973), design for Prokofiev’s opera Love for Three Oranges, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago (world premiere: December 30, 1921). Pink Curtain #2, from Love for Three Oranges, n.d. Gouache and watercolor, with pen and black ink, gold metallic paint, and charcoal, over graphite, selectively varnished, on off-white laid paper, 565 × 780 mm. Friends of American Art Collection, 1922.84, The Art Institute of Chicago.