The Readjuster State Convention at Richmond

From Soul Liberty: The Evolution of Black Religious Politics in Postemancipation Virginia by Nicole Myers Turner

  • Sketch of the Readjuster State Convention held in Richmond, Virginia, June 25, 1881. In the foreground, there are several men, some seated and some standing. In the background, it shows a hall that has three tiers filled with people, showing how very well attended the convention was.
  • 1881
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  • FIGURE 5.2   “Virginia—the Readjuster State Convention at Richmond—Mr. Massey Moving to Make Unanimous Nomination of Col. Wm. E. Cameron for Governor June 3d—From Sketch by Walter Golfer—See Page 287.” Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 25 June 1881. The illustrator depicted the attendees as better dressed and of higher status than the newspaper accounts indicated. Courtesy of the Library of Virginia.