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  • White v. Crook (M.D. Ala No. 2263-N), briefs for the United States.

White v. Crook, US briefs

From Selma and the Liuzzo Murder Trials: The First Modern Civil Rights Convictions by James P. Turner

  • White v. Crook (M.D. Ala No. 2263-N) (federal case challenging the jury selection system in Lowndes County, Alabama, for discrimination on the basis of race and gender). Brief in Support of Intervenor's Findings of Facts, Conclusions of Law and Decree (December, 1965), and Reply Brief for Plaintiff-Intervenor United States (January, 1966). See White v. Crook, 251 F. Supp. 401 (M.D. Ala. 1966, 3-Judge Court).
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