Dialogue at the Green Mound

From Uncrossing the Borders: Performing Chinese in Gendered (Trans)Nationalism by Daphne P. Lei

  • Theater and Performance
  • Asian Studies:China
  • Gender Studies:Women's Studies
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  • Fig. 13. The heart-to-heart dialogue between Wang Zhaojun (right) and Cai Yan (left). Cai Yan (on horse) visits the Zhaojun Tomb, and the spirit of Zhaojun (with her pipa) appears. Both clad in the Xiongnu outfit (pheasant feather and fur) and traveling clothes (cape). The Dialogue at the Green Mound (Qingzhong qiande duihua 青塚前的對話, 2006). Courtesy National Center for Traditional Arts GuoGuang Opera Company.