Probability DOA Bill is Added to Agenda as Electoral Conditions Change

From Losing to Win: Why Congressional Majorities Play Politics Instead of Make Laws by Jeremy Gelman

  • Line chart displaying the predicted probability a DOA bill is added to the agenda as the probability a majority party wins unified government changes. The graph includes predicted probabilities for all and important bills.
  • Political Science:Governance
  • Political Science:American Politics
  • January 2003 - December 2012
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  • Figure 4.2. Probability DOA Bill Is Added to the Agenda as a Majority Party’s Electoral Prospects Change Note: Predicted probabilities a DOA bill receives floor consideration. The “All Bills” graph is calculated from Model 1 in Table 4.1, and the “Important Bills” graph is calculated from Model 2 in Table 4.1. Divided Government, Majority Party, Committee Member, and Committee Chair are held at 1, Subcommittee Chair and Must Pass are held at 0, and all other variables are held at their means.