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Open Access A Cemetery and Quarry from Imperial Gabii

Laura M. Banducci and Anna Gallone (Editors)

Rachel Opitz, Tyler Duane Johnson, and Matthew Naglak (Digital design and content); Francesca Alhaique, Laura M. Banducci, Nicholas Cullen, Jason Farr, Anna Gallone, Giordano Iacomelli, Kristina Killgrove, Tyler Duane Johnson, Andrew C. Johnston, Claudia M. Melisch, Laura Motta, Matthew Naglak, Shannon Ness, Jessica Nowlin, Rachel Opitz, Giulia Peresso, Sabrina Ross, Arianna Zapelloni Pavia (Chapter authors); Laura M. Banducci, Christina Cha, Sophie Crawford-Brown, Kathryn Hojczyk, Lora Holland Goldthwaite, Emily Lime, Caroline Nemechek, Sarah Norvell, Zoe Ortiz, Emma Petersen, Brittany Proffitt, J. Troy Samuels, Emily B. Sharp, Amy Welch (Special finds entry authors); Sheira Cohen and Parrish Wright (Database editors)