Partnership Models

We offer three partnership models to meet the individual needs of our clients. For more information, please email

Single Title Hosting

This partnership model is offered to publishers looking for an Open Access publication solution for individual media-rich books. Rather than hosting the supplemental materials associated with a book on a web platform like WordPress not built for books, this model gives partners access to the features of the Fulcrum platform, including long-term preservation and integration into the information supply chain, without a long-term financial commitment.

Current single title partners on Fulcrum include Northwestern University Press and NYU Press.

Hosted Publisher

This partnership model is offered to publishers looking to host all of their Open Access books on Fulcrum. Structured with an annual fee, the Hosted Publisher model allows partners to have as many titles on Fulcrum as they wish. Hosted Publishers also have access to an a la carte suite of publishing services that can bring projects from the manuscript stage all the way to final online and print publication.

Current hosted publishers on Fulcrum include Lever Press.

Hosted Collection

This partnership model is offered to publishers looking to host a larger collection of titles for sale to libraries or other customers. We create a branded digital presence powered by Fulcrum. Titles and any associated supplemental materials are packaged together as a collection, including rich metadata, a catalog page, search functionality, and the Fulcrum Reader. This partnership model also offers access to a suite of value-added publishing services.

Current hosted collections on Fulcrum include ACLS Humanities E-Book and the University of Michigan Press.

Fulcrum Services

We recognize that some of our partners have fully-staffed production departments, and some don’t. For both hosted collection and hosted publisher partners, Fulcrum offers a suite of à la carte publishing services, taking advantage of the expertise of Michigan Publishing.

  • border_color Copyediting and Proofreading
  • wrap_text Interior Design and Typesetting
  • color_lens Cover Design
  • chrome_reader_mode E-Book Creation (EPUB, Kindle)
  • accessibility_new Accessibility Upgrades
  • scanner Digitization and Optical Character Recognition
  • library_books Print on Demand, Digital, and Offset Printing
  • swap_horiz Print and E-Book Distribution
  • shopping_cart Sales via Branded Shopping Cart and Amazon
  • archive Long-term Preservation