• A woman stands in a tattered yellow dress with a light yellow scarf. Her arms hang in the air, at first pulling the two ends of the scarf in opposite directions at shoulder level, then released. The woman’s face is painted white. Her mouth is slightly ajar and frowning, and her eyes appear crossed. She turns to face the back wall and reached up toward it. Then, the video cuts to a group of women standing in high grass outdoors under a blue sky. Their bodies are also painted white, and they wear orange dresses with yellow scarves. They stand still looking forward into the distance. The camera shoots them from below, making them appear tall. The camera cuts to an up-close interview of the main dancer. She has her hair pulled back and wears glasses and a white blouse. The interview is in Japanese without subtitles. The film ends with footage of the women dancers in orange and yellow dresses walking casually down the street, along with a man in all white and several bystanders in street clothes.

Yoko Ashikawa (1986) - Wi-Fi

From Corporeal Politics: Dancing East Asia by Katherine Mezur and Emily Wilcox, Editors

  • Asian Studies
  • Theater and Performance
  • Dance
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