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Fulcrum is a publishing platform currently under development that helps publishers present the full richness of their authors' research outputs in a durable, discoverable, and flexible form.

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By adopting an agile development approach and working in partnership with the Hydra open source community, Fulcrum is responsive to the changing needs of digital scholars.



Built on research university library infrastructure specifically designed to curate digital objects, Fulcrum is a trusted steward committed to preservation and stability.



Interoperable with other publishing tools and integrated into the information supply chain, Fulcrum ensures that content is discovered by readers and impact is tracked.

A rich integration of digital objects with books

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Cover for Director's Prism: E.T.A. Hoffman and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde

The Director's Prism: E.T.A. Hoffman and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde

Dassia N. Posner

Northwestern University Press, 2016

The Director's Prism investigates how and why three of Russia's most innovative directors— Vsevolod Meyerhold, Alexander Tairov, and Sergei Eisenstein—used the fantastical tales of German Romantic writer E. T. A. Hoffmann to reinvent the rules of theatrical practice. Fulcrum allowed Northwestern University Press to publish video clips of theatrical productions, an audio file, and additional full color images that can be viewed in more detail with Fulcrum's image viewer.

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