• Figure 9.1. Autonomous Tianxia and governed Tianxia. Notes: In autonomous Tianxia, control and order are negatively associated, while in governed Tianxia, they are positively associated. The equilibrium is where the prince, or the hegemonic actor in the case of international relations, exerts self-restraint beyond a level of intervening, taxing, or belittling that is maximally acceptable to the subjects (or the smaller actors in the case of IR). The subjects reciprocate with role playing that supports a level of order that is minimally acceptable to the prince or hegemonic actor.

Autonomous Tianxia and Governed Tianxia

From China's Challenges and International Order Transition: Beyond "Thucydides's Trap" by Edited by Huiyun Feng and Kai He

  • Political Science:International Relations
  • Asian Studies:China
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