• Fig. 10.1. Taiwan’s political party system, 1986–2012. Source: Author. Note: 1. % in the parentheses denotes percentage of seats in the Legislative Yuan; the broken line denotes an alliance, loosely defined as some form of cooperation between parties. For example, many NP candidates ran under the KMT’s umbrella in 2001 and 2004, and the PFP agreed not to run its own party list in 2008 in exchange for KMT’s promise to nominate six former PFP legislators in six districts and also allowed the PFP to share four seats on the KMT’s party list. Although formally there was no NP legislator in 2008 and 2012, NP continues to be active in some local elections.


From The Taiwan Voter by Christopher H. Achen and T. Y. Wang, Editors

  • Asian Studies
  • Political Science:Political Behavior and Public Opinion
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