• Fig. 1. Wang Zhaojun: “May I ask for a cup of wine to make a libation to the South and to bid farewell to the Han, before I go on my long journey?” Moments before her suicide in Autumn in the Han Palace (Hangong qiu 漢宮秋) by Ma Zhiyuan 馬致遠 of the Yuan dynasty. From a facsimile (Shanghai: Hanfenlou, 1918) of the original The Selected Yuan Plays (Yuanqu xuan 元曲選) by Zang Jinshu [Zang Maoxun], published in 1615–1616. Courtesy of Stanford Auxiliary Library.


From Uncrossing the Borders: Performing Chinese in Gendered (Trans)Nationalism by Daphne P. Lei

  • Theater and Performance
  • Asian Studies:China
  • Gender Studies:Women's Studies
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