Announcing Editoria Integration Plans

Fulcrum is excited to announce our collaboration with Editoria, the open source, browser-based books production tool developed by the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) in collaboration with University of California Press and California Digital Library. Editoria is powerful in its ability to save presses time and cost in workflow because of its collaboration tools and automated typesetting.

“Together, Editoria and Fulcrum are an open source, end-to-end solution for digital first monograph publishing,” says Charles Watkinson, Associate University Librarian, Publishing at University of Michigan Library. “This is a revolutionary offering for library publishers committed to implementing an academy owned tool chain.”

“Editoria’s collaborative editing and automated typesetting pushing to Fulcrum for presentation and preservation are a win-win for our organizations as well as for hundreds of university presses and library publishers,” says Editoria Community Manager Alison O’Connell.

Michigan Publishing will be at the Editoria Community meeting October 18th in San Francisco, so stay tuned for more updates following the meeting. For more information about partnering with Fulcrum, please email us at

Logo for Editoria

Logo for Coko Foundation