• Song from Dana Lyons' The Great Salish Sea CD

The Great Salish Sea

From A Song to Save the Salish Sea: Musical Performance as Environmental Activism by Mark Pedelty

  • Dana Lyons' song "The Great Salish Sea". Dana wrote the song from the perspective of the 104 year old matriarch of the Southern Resident orcas who reside in the Salish Sea, in Washington State and British Columbia. The song describes the changing sound of boats from the Native American canoes, to the arrival of the great sailing ships, and then the huge supertankers and freighters. Orca's ability to communicate is greatly effected by the noise. The Salish Sea region has many new proposals to export fossil fuel through the region which would result in many more ships, more noise, and an increase risk of oil spills. The region is fighting to stop the proposed fossil fuel exports.
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